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How does this work?  Every month, there are dozens of specialty events that take place (for example, there’s a “Bath Safety Month” in January!)  Each of these events are marketable events for your radio station.  What we’ve done is created a bunch of one-sheets that you can use to market those events to local businesses.  For a small fee, we take your rates and your logo, plug them into our templates – and voila!  Instant one-sheet material.  No need for you to waste spend time creating these, we’ll do it for you!  (And, they look good too…not just something whipped together by the station manager assistant 5 minutes before a sales meeting!)

Need a custom one-sheet designed for your local event?  No problem!  Just drop us an email with your specific information and we’ll be glad to design it for you, all for the regular cost of one of our pre-designed one-sheets*.

Click through the months to see the growing library of specialty events you can begin to market within 24 hours by ordering our pre-made one sheets.

Cost? Each one-sheet, customized for your station, is just $10.  You’ll make that back in one sale!

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*Permitting you allow us to put it in our template library for other stations to use.